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Use AI technology and cloud calculate ,we can put complicate calculation on the cloud server side, and reduce AI client side GPU request,At client side just regular PC computer can run the AI program. CNN display, Deepthinking, Go game review, play with computer, and tracking the third party Go Game.

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We-chat Go Game APP

Deepthink AI Go Studio -- A wechat small program APP, help the beginner to learn how to play the go game and daily practice. From 25K ~ 5D.

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睿碁Smart Go Game Borad

Smart Go Game Borad, Let children can play go without see the computer screen. Only in China main land now

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Deepthink AI Go Studio

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We would like to hear from you, any question or suggestion will be very helpful. We also welcome the Go Teacher join us and ad more AI into your regular courses. .

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Deepthink AI Go Studio

ShenZhen Nanshan Center, Wenxin second rd tianyueyuan A-505.
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