RunYu Science and Technology (ShenZhen) Ltd

Deepthink GO is developed by RunYu Science and Technology (ShenZhen) Ltd . We are base on AI technology. Our old version called Deepthink Go Helper, Start from V7.0 we now use the name Deepthink GO.

RunYu Science and Technology (ShenZhen) Ltd created by Mr Zhenyu Liu in Feb ,2017 . He was partner and CTO of TradeGo FinTech (8017.HK). ( 2018.09 Trade FinTech was listing in hongkong stock market)

Deepthink AI Go Studio

ShenZhen Nanshan Center, Wenxin second rd tianyueyuan A-505. GuangDong , China


Deepthink Go Character

Use LeelaZero AI Go Engine

* AI CNN key points display
* AI Deepthinking
* AI Go game Anylze or review
* Third party online go game tracking and show the key movement hints. Support Yehu, Yichen,Qihun,KGS,IGS
* Play with Computer
* AI auto paly and learn

Let AI always with you - From Starter to Superior.

Child Starter ~ 6D

Starter ~ 6D

Adult Starter ~ 6D

Starter ~ 6D

Teacher 3D ~ 8D


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