Deepthink V7.12

A new generation of AI version of go game helper app. Deepthink is focus on help the player improve their go skill in the begin and middle of the games. Since ver 2.2 and ver 3.0 we used the live go games to analyze the main key steps in the games. Now in the Ver 7.12 we can use the AI technology to calculate and analyze the games steps to give the best suggestion for the player. 

Download Ver7.12

Built with AI-CNN

Auto Capture the third party Go Game APP game in Deepthink V7.2 and analyze the best options steps

Watch the Video Demo


Use quick replay to analyze the misstake of this game. Help to find the better way. .

Meaning of the Symbol in the Deep Think

v: Visit How many times
S: Grade,base on the win rate。 The biger the better
D: How Deep AI calculated
W: Win Ratio

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